Video Games are… good??

(Cover image by artist Walter Newton: Gallery) For decades, we’ve heard not to play video games because they will rot your brain, just like the “boob tube”. . Video games are harmful to a child’s development. Many of these people will sit in front of a tv show or a movie, but video games are […]

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School’s out! … or is it?

School is out for the summer, but it doesn’t feel like it yet. LOL. This first week of summer, I have spent more time running back and forth between schools than I did when school was in session. We have camp for the extracurriculars, summer school because oops, testing because we all noticed a decline […]

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My Hiatus: End of School Chaos, Medical Testing, and Sanity.

We are steadily approaching the end of school here. This means standardized testing for all the kids, sans one; meaning a change in schedules (which does not bode well for attitudes in the house). Half the kids are in person and the others are still virtual, meaning scheduling for the testing… and rearranging any medical […]

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Spore – Sim Everything

Whilst I await my computer, I’ll do a video game review. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. If you or your kids like “sandbox” games, this is an excellent game. My kids started doing the creature creator as preschoolers and the whole game around age 7. This geek has been playing it since launch. I’m […]

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The Mimic

Quick background story, I took what was supposed to be a short break from doing game reviews because I was prepping for a data transfer between computers: I have been delaying the inevitable for a while as my desktop computer slowly tries to die. It was top of the line for its time, but its […]

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PSA: Disgust and Disappointment

I mulled over writing this. I wanted to hit this topic eventually, but not this early. Local current events decided to throw a curve ball. I will be addressing this from multiple angles, so please read through the post entirely before getting angry about any one thing. I have no quips and this post is […]

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I Can Do That!

We came across this little gem when Piper was in physical therapy and occupational therapy way before Kendyl was even born. We have only recently given it to family with little ones because Kendyl and Ari have grown too large to do half of the things listed in the cards, but it was a favorite […]

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Machi Koro

This one was a video review, done amid the winter storms. I apologize for all the cutting, but between kids and pets, a lot of editing was needed. Here is the site for donations. A brief recap of the storm So, the South was hit really hard from Winter Storms Uri and Viola. Over 4 […]

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Unique Review: Plague Inc.

This review is based on the video game version and NOT the board game version. I have prioritized this over other reviews because of current events. Firstly, I prioritized this because Plague Inc in on sale for a limited amount of time. On Steam, it is 60% off until Feb 4, regularly $14.99, now $5.99. […]

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The Games Therapists and Special Needs Parents Love to Hate:

There are a variety of games that fall into this category… some hold fond memories for us from our childhood, but unfortunately modern quality and changes have diminished so much to the point where we have lost all love for the game; some are great for children, but as adults the repetitiveness drives us crazy; […]

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