We’re having a heat wave…. but not a tropical heat wave.

School has ended. We unfortunately lost our older dog, Chessie, to a brain tumor. I won’t get into the specifics because it will make everyone cry, but I just wanted to explain my further delay in writing. I’ve found as much as I wanted to do YouTube reviews, I cannot stand watching myself to edit […]

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Another Hiatus… 6 Weeks of School Left

Since my last post, it’s been difficult to do any reviews. To be completely honest, we haven’t been playing many games. It’s been a struggle to get Thing 2’s grades up from the 1st semester so she could participate in the heavy duty band competitions (no pass/no play) and keep the grades up, while not […]

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Let’s Talk Dirty… Laundry

I’m sure most people are wondering why I’d make a post about laundry, but this site isn’t for or about “most people”. Special needs families often come across issues regarding laundry, sometimes it’s contact allergies, but the most common complaint is odor. We deal with body fluid more than most, spilled food, pet messes (because […]

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Games Graveyard and Thing 2

Christmas is over. We got a bunch of new games we don’t have room for. That means we need to stop getting games. Yeah, no. We retire games. Some games are packed away for future grandkids that we can’t part with because they have sentimental value, but the kids have all outgrown, others we pass […]

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The unexplained explained – hidden insurance perks for your special needs kiddos.

It’s the end of the year and the holiday season, you know what that means? Insurance policies change! You thought I was going to mention something fun, didn’t you? Bah Humbug… a majority of the plans change around the beginning of the year, as I’m sure you’ve heard/seen on tv, the radio, or any electronic […]

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Can’t catch a break and other holiday antics.

Thing 2 has had a setback, again. We believe it was triggered by a huge cyst in one of her sinuses, which turned into a massive sinus infection and another ear infection. Not to mention all the antibiotics and steroids. We are hoping to have it drained in the near future. Poor thing is dealing […]

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Happy Birthdays and Birthdays the Beginning

I was recently reminded of this game when my dad and I were talking about Spore because one of the kids was playing it. This, of course, led to a conversation about various evolution theories… In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance – when you least expect it – sets you on […]

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Just a Little Bit Longer… and reminiscing

This year, not only have we reached record lows in winter, but we are reaching record highs. Yay me. ~sarcasm~ During a season that would normally see drops in temps all the way into the… 80’s Fahrenheit, we are stuck hovering 100 daily. Except for the few times we get hit with the left over […]

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Summer is too hot… and HOGs

cover art by AAAGameArtStudio There’s a heatwave everywhere. Our gaming area (and my filming area) is near windows and with the removal of several trees thanks to the winter storm and our tiny tornado, we have a lot more sun. This makes the house hot. Thing 2 and I have fans running almost where ever […]

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Video Games are… good??

(Cover image by artist Walter Newton: Gallery) For decades, we’ve heard not to play video games because they will rot your brain, just like the “boob tube”. . Video games are harmful to a child’s development. Many of these people will sit in front of a tv show or a movie, but video games are […]

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